Motivation is key: Tips for keeping talented sales employees

A talented sales team is key to the success of your business. Once you find people skilled in this area, it is important to keep them feeling satisfied, motivated and appreciated. According to Eyes On Sales, money is the last reason professionals in this field leave a company – a variety of other factors play into their decision to seek employment elsewhere. Check out the ways in which you can ensure your sales staff sticks with your business.

Have realistic expectations

While it is good to set high goals when it comes to sales, it is also important to recognize what is within reach of your team. If your staff feels like they are under pressure to hit sky-high numbers, chances are they will burn out quickly and end up leaving your company. When setting goals, take the opinions of your employees seriously. Eyes On Sales recommended sitting down with your team to discuss what can be achieved and what they feel comfortable shooting for. Not only will you be able to settle on a plan that feels right to them, but they will also feel appreciated and more likely to address issues head-on.

Offer ongoing training

Every aspect of your organization can benefit from ongoing training, but especially your sales team. The Canadian Professional Sales Association suggested investing in off-site seminars, guest speakers and online education, as well as connecting employees with peer mentors. If these are too ambitious for your budget, you can create a peer-counseling system within your office. Pair up senior management and high-performing sales professionals with newer or underperforming employees. It both improves performance and fosters an environment of camaraderie and teamwork while making everyone feel essential to the company’s success.

Celebrate achievements

Recognition is a crucial component to retention. Eyes On Sales noted that motivation through acknowledgment is especially true for sales professionals, who are constantly working toward a numerical goal. Re-energize your staff by giving out recognition awards on a regular basis. Pick a few small achievements and send congratulatory emails or create a bulletin board where these accomplishments can be displayed. To reward people who hit bigger objectives, consider holding an annual reception dedicated to acknowledging their work. Create custom awards engraved with their names. Looking at these honors on their desk every day will keep them motivated and more likely to stay with your company.

By: Seth Fine