Motivate Your Sales Team

Motivate Your Sales Team

 As the end of summer wraps up it’s time to put away your beach towels and coolers and put back on your sales hat!  So how can you motive your sales team to dust off the sand and refocus on their sales drive?

At we challenge our sales team with a fun sales competition!  Start by incorporating a fun board game like “Monopoly” and tape the board up on the wall in your sales area.  Place Velcro on each of the spaces the pieces can move to, as well as, the pieces that represent each sales rep on your team.

The rules are similar, except to roll the dice specific daily sales goals must be met. For example; if you sell the hot item of the day, or meet a certain sales number, or for the most calls in one day; you get a roll of the dice.  The main goal is to make it around the board and “pass go” to earn points to qualify for an incentive.

Each person on the team needs to accumulate points based on their daily sales goals as they strategically move through the board.

To start your own Sales Board Game Challenge:

  • Determine what you want the contest to accomplish.
  • Make the contest length quarterly.
  • Set specific goals that can be measured weekly.
  • Incorporate an exciting theme. (Monopoly)
  • Consider making rewards gifts, rather than cash

Most important thing is to have fun, increase your sales, and motivate your team.

Good Luck!

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