Mobility Tech Zone Wireless Backhaul Distinction Award goes to Dialogic

Mobile Tech Zone awards DialogicBy Abigail Richards

It was recently announced that Dialogic, a provider of communications technology and equipment, has received the annual Mobility Tech Zone Wireless Backhaul Distinction Award for its 4000 Session Bandwidth Optimizer Mobile Backhaul, which is also known as I-Gate 4000 SBO MB.

The system optimizes what the bandwidth already produces plus adds an increased amount of capacity so it can take more on. This is also a cost-efficient solution for a number of companies.

The award was sponsored by TMC and Crossfire Media – officials from these two companies were also the judges for this year's award.

This recognition is the beginning, as this shows that the company is going to continue to promote, explained the senior vice president of marketing at Dialogic, Jim Machi.

"It is a pleasure to present Dialogic with a Wireless Backhaul Distinction Award. The I-Gate 4000 SBO MB has impressed our elite panel of judges by proving its superior capabilities. I look forward to seeing more innovation from Dialogic in the future," said Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC.