Lingerie Football Season Started This Week partner Lingerie Football League (LFL) is back in season. This season kicked off with a game between the Minnesota Valkyrie and the Green Bay Chill, with Minnesota picking up the win. The road to the custom Lingerie Football League award has begun!

The uniform is quite different than the one many have seen on football players in the NFL.  While they have similar padding, sports bras and short-shorts complete the uniform. That being said, the players still play hard.

The LFL has more differences to the NFL than just the uniform. These ladies play on a 50-yard length field, which is half the size of its NFL counterpart. There are seven women on the field for each team, unlike the 11-man teams of the NFL. The game consists of two 17-minute halves, which is almost half the time of an hour-long NFL game. Scoring consists of six points for a touchdown, a conversion run or pass from the second yard-line for an extra point, and two points for a run or pass from the five-yard line into the endzone. There are no field goals and no kicks, just running and passing.

All of these teams will fight their way to the top, in an attempt to take home the large trophy, which was created and designed by, at the completion of the season. partnered with the LFL to create a custom crystal Lingerie Football League Award.

By Tucker Harrington