Kickin’ off 2015 with Positive Customer Service at

It’s 2015 – a new year and fresh start. Time to recap on what was done over the year and to focus on areas that can be improve. welcomes the New Year with new goals and higher expectations. Our Customer Service in 2014 was top notch and 2015 we plan to be stronger than ever.

Here are ways we can stay motivated and upbeat heading into the New Year:

Optimize on our customer feedback. After every order is processed and sent out we send out a review questionnaire; a short synopsis for feedback on our service and our customer’s experience. We welcome the praise, but more so the learning factors on how we can do better.

Know your product. We have recently added almost 100 new items to the site. Our team is learning those products so we can better service our customer calls and questions.

Love your job. Your attitude shows through your performance, through the phone call, and through the written email. Be passionate and sincere.

Show immediate action and solutions, not blame. We are not perfect and mistakes can happen, but how we handle those mistakes is what sets us apart from any other company. We know the most important thing is the event and we work diligently to make sure that the event date is met, no matter who is at fault for the mistake.