Keep the spirit up in the office with crystal awards

Keep the spirit up in the office with crystal awardsBy: Abigail Richards

The holiday season is officially here, as many families enjoyed not only the tasty treats at Thanksgiving but also some fabulous sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Even though these next few months are supposed to be about giving back, enjoying family and finding the perfect presents, all these distractions could hurt the productivity in the workplace.

No bosses or managers want to be considered a Scrooge this holiday season, so it may be best to find other ways to encourage employees to stick with their goals – even with all of the excitement and anxiety of the season. A great way to keep workers' heads in the game is to offer certain prizes to those who come in on time each day or get their work done the fastest.

Gifts like a lunch out on the boss or gift cards to a local restaurant may improve quality of work, while something more special like crystal awards may boast even better results. Not only will a customized crystal award put a smile on an employee's face, but she or he will be able to relish in the success they had for years to come, as the quality awards are sure to last and add some flash to the recipient's desk.