Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M selected as Player of the Year by AP

By: Jonathan Bennett

Texas A&M’s freshman quarterback Johnny Manziel continues to have an impressive year on and off the football field. Most recently, The Associated Press presented Manziel with its Player of the Year award.

This is just one of many recognition awards Manziel has received recently, as he was also named the winner of the coveted Heisman Trophy as well as the Davey O’Brien Award. He is the first freshman in history to be honored with the AP’s trophy.

Manziel admitted he’s grown a lot over the course of the season, saying he’s become more confident in his running abilities as well as improving his arm.

“I knew I could run the ball, I did it a lot in high school. It is just something that you don’t get a chance to see in the spring. Quarterbacks aren’t live in the spring. You don’t get to tackle,” Manziel told the news outlet. “You don’t get to evade some of the sacks that you would in normal game situations. So I feel like when I was able to avoid getting tackled, it opened some people’s eyes a little bit more.”

Winning such elite awards has come with some other perks for Manziel. CBS Sports reports the 20-year-old got to hang out with actress Megan Fox during a recent appearance on “The Tonight Show.” Manziel even got Fox to pose for a picture with him while they both gave the Texas A&M’s “Gig ’em Aggies” hand sign.