Innovative biotech company earns major green award

By: Abigail Richards

New Zealand’s own LanzaTech was recently honored with a green fuel award for its role in developing and producing low-carbon aviation fuel. LanzaTech earned the Observer Ethical Award alongside Virgin Atlantic for their part in flying greener. LanzaTech’s CEO, Jennifer Holmgren​, was thrilled to accept one of these recognition awards.

“The coming global availability of low-carbon jet fuel made from waste materials will enable more sustainable air travel, a key goal of Virgin Atlantic and the entire aviation industry,” said Holmgren.

According to the Timaru Herald, LanzaTech has estimated its unique process can “apply to 65 percent of the world’s steel mills, offering the potential to provide 19 percent of the world’s jet fuel demand.” The result? An overall cut in greenhouse gas emissions by between 50 and 60 percent in comparison to traditional jet fuel. 

The Observer Ethical Awards official website reports Virgin Atlantic and LanzaTech were up against Dormont Estate, a rural estate in Dumfries​ and Galloway, and Kelvin Valley Honey, a program that raises awareness of the importance of bees in the Business Initiative category.