How you can show your manager you care

Everyone knows good bosses recognize and reward their employees for doing great work. Part of being a top employee, however, is returning the favor. If you do not receive acknowledgment for a job well done, you are more likely to have a negative work experience and therefore search for opportunities elsewhere. The same idea applies to upper management professionals – if they do not feel appreciated in their position of power, they may look toward a career transition. Keep your excellent bosses where they are by letting them know how much you care.

Host a surprise party

Bosses can often feel disconnected from their teams because they are the ones delegating work and maintaining productivity. Help them feel like part of the group by throwing a party in their honor with your co-workers. Make Their Day suggested doing a pot-luck event where each employee brings a different dish. Host it in the office or somewhere outside of work if you want to keep it more casual and carefree. Give a toast to your boss and present him or her with custom awards that show how much you appreciate everything he or she does. Since it is usually management’s job to throw recognition ceremonies, your boss will undoubtedly be surprised and touched.

Say ‘thank you’ 

Chances are your boss thanks you on a regular basis. Whether it is for completing a project in a timely fashion or simply responding to an administrative email, your manager likely thanks you a few times each day in person, on the phone or through emails. How many times do you return the favor? While managers are used to saying the words “thank you,” it is not as common for them to hear them in return. Take a few minutes every day to simply say “thank you” to your outstanding boss. Maybe he or she helped you with a particularly difficult presentation or was understanding when you required extra time off. Firing off a few emails or text messages quickly letting your manager know you recognize his or her efforts will take a small amount of time and energy on your end but can really make your boss’s day.

Give a unique gift 

Try spicing things up and doing something a little different when it comes to rewarding your manager. Make Their Day suggested creating a “journal of appreciation” with your co-workers that you can give to your boss. Simply get a blank notebook and decorate the front with things your manager loves. For example, if he’s a big golf enthusiast, try making the cover golf-themed. Have every member of your team write a few pages talking about how much they appreciate your boss’s efforts, documenting funny anecdotes or adding pictures or drawings that show how much they care. Give the journal to your boss on a special day, like a birthday or work anniversary.

By: Seth Fine