How to retain talented health care workers

Running a medical practice, you know how important talented health care workers are to the success of your organization. These people have undergone extensive, difficult training to achieve their positions and work hard every day to improve the lives of patients. When you find a top-notch staff member, you want to do everything in your power to keep them invested in the success of your institution. Check out these helpful tips for retaining medical professionals:

Create an environment of advancement

According to a health care survey by Career Builder, this was the top way to attract and retain health workers to your practice – it even scored higher than salary and benefits raises. The survey revealed that many professionals wanted more training opportunities, support, and career advancement planning. If they feel as though your business will provide them with a chance to expand their skills, gain more knowledge and hold higher positions, medical employees are more likely to stay on board. noted that providing educational opportunities is a huge draw for many people. Try offering some tuition reimbursement for those pursuing a higher degree. If you cannot afford this option, think about subscribing to online medical databases that your staff can access whenever they want or pay for guest speakers to come to lectures about new health care advancements and innovations.

Promote a feeling of community 

Since medical employees work around the clock doing their jobs, feeling at home in their workplace is a key component of their professional happiness – and your chances of retaining them. Healthcare Finance recommended that management foster camaraderie amongst staff members. Try throwing workplace gatherings during the holiday season. Since your employees are working instead of being home with their families, this small showing of support will mean a lot to them.

Use technology to help, and help with new technology 

Younger medical professionals are used to working with high-quality lab gear and electronics. If you are still using outdated equipment and show no signs of progressing, you could be missing out on some fresh talent. Make sure your computers are fairly new or try purchasing a few high-tech tablets to attract new employees.

Regardless of how updated your equipment is, electronic health care systems can often be difficult to navigate and adapt to. Make sure your workers know that you are available to help and willing to supply them with the resources they need to learn these programs efficiently. noted that many older medical workers quit jobs because of technological struggle. Avoid losing these seasoned professionals but offering support and training.

Recognize how hard they work 

Medical staff does some of the hardest jobs in the world – they are regularly responsible for providing life-saving care. Make sure they feel appreciated by rewarding their accomplishments on a consistent basis. reported that employees who know their hard work is being seen are more likely to feel valued and continue their efficiency. Try establishing recognition awards to show that you notice the effort of your team.

By: Seth Fine