How to clean your marble award

By Tucker Harrington

Marble awards can certainly offer a sense of class in terms of décor. Companies that are looking to honor their outstanding staff with recognition awards may want to consider using marble for their material.

However, recipients of the awards may want to keep their trophies looking as good as new, which is where cleaning comes into play. People may be surprised to find out that marble is relatively easy to clean, but it wears more easily because it is a softer material.

Using a warm cloth with distilled water could be one option for keeping the award clean. This is especially useful if the piece has come into contact with other particles or messes.

Additionally, for those who need to give their award a deeper cleaning, using the soft cloth with a ph-neutral dish soap can help get the tougher stains off the material. It’s important to purchase a non-abrasive cleaner, as you could risk damaging the stone if the chemical is too harsh, thus taking away from the material’s brilliant finish.