Host Olympic-style games in the office

The 2012 Summer Olympics are about to begin and with all the hype surrounding the top athletes from around the globe, it may be fun to host office Olympics with employees. Summer is a great time to boost morale around the office and a unique way to get people to come together is to host games set around the upcoming Olympics.

Although bosses may not be able to set up gymnastics equipment or swimming pools in the buildings, they could create a set of office-friendly games for workers to compete in. Games like seeing who can use the least paper during the month of August, or who is on time for work the most during the month can get people pumped to head into the office.

The friendly competition may be made even more exciting if prizes and a celebration are offered to employees who participate. Doling out crystal awards to the winners is sure to get more people on board as is throwing a fun end of the month party in honor of the games. Make the gathering a team-building activity by having everyone bring a favorite dish in to share with their coworkers.