Harbaugh brothers head to the Super Bowl

By: Jonathan Bennett

The Super Bowl is usually a riveting experience for fans of the teams and general sports enthusiasts alike. This year’s match-up just got a bit more interesting as the competing teams are coached by brothers. Jim Harbaugh led his San Francisco 49ers team to victory over the Atlanta Falcons in the earlier game on January 20, while brother John Harbaugh and his Baltimore Ravens were able to secure a win against the New England Patriots in the later game, The Associated Press reports.

Though wining recognition awards like the AFC or NFC championship games are sweet victories, taking home the ultimate trophy – winning the Super Bowl – is even sweeter. The 49ers have a bit more riding on the game – a victory would secure their spot in history as being the only franchise besides the Pittsburgh Steelers to win six Super Bowl titles. However, the Ravens have something to play for as well – team leader Ray Lewis will be retiring after the game.

No matter the outcome, Forbes magazine is predicting the brother verses brother Super Bowl could hold some promising endorsements for the Harbaughs.

“Think about all of the ‘family endorsements’ that the Manning family has; there is an incredible opportunity for a brand or brands to use the Harbaugh brothers,” Ben Sturner, president and CEO of Leverage Agency, a full-service sports, entertainment and media marketing company told the publication.

Fans can tune in to watch the showdown on February 3.