Green Office Tips

In celebration of Earth Day (April 22, 2017), here are some easy “green” office ideas you can apply to generate both financial payback and peace of mind:

Make Use of Natural Light

Rather than scheduling meetings, training sessions or brainstorms in enclosed conference rooms, find a spot in your office with natural light. If the weather is right, take your meeting outdoors and enjoy some fresh air.

Decorate with Plants

Add an office-friendly plant to your desk. Plants in the workplace have been linked to increases in employee productivity, performance and mood. Also, some plants are able to improve air quality. Low maintenance greenery includes bamboo, snake plants, succulents and cacti.

Create a Recycling Area

If your office doesn’t already have one, set up an office recycling area for glass, plastic, aluminum and paper. If there’s no pick-up service in your area, work out a rotating schedule for recycling runs.

Consider Your Commute

Think about carpooling with colleagues. You’ll save gas and sail through carpool lanes. You can even suggest to the boss that the best parking spaces be reserved for carpoolers.

Power Down

Turn off office lights when you’re in the conference room, and turn off conference room lights when not in use. Done for the day? Turn off your computer before you leave. You can also turn off your monitor(s) rather than using a screensaver.

Pack Your Own Lunch

Getting delivery and takeout usually leads to waste from the packaging. Bringing your own lunch and snacks to the office in reusable containers not only reduces packaging waste, but can also add up to significant savings.

Other eco-friendly office ideas include:

  • Promote the use of organic coffee
  • Switch to green cleaning products
  • Reduce the consumption of office supplies while promoting reuse
  • Reduce reliance on power
  • Encourage employees to print only when it is necessary
  • Buy refurbished ink cartridge and toner which can cost half of the price

Did you know that:

  • Having a coffee pot on for 8 hrs = $10.08 monthly
  • Having your computer/monitor on for 24 hrs = $121.10 per month for each station?
  • 120 tons of steel is saved if every U.S office worker used one less staple a day?