GM named Legacy in Motion Company of the Year

General Motors has been on an upswing in recent monthsBy Abigail Richards

The automotive industry has had a tough break the past year and a half, as the industry almost collapsed due to the market crash of 2008. However, as the market recovers, car companies are beginning to regain their footing and are making significant progress.

For example, General Motors (GM), which received one of the government bailouts, was given the Legacy in Motion Company and the Year" recognition award by the Michigan Chronicle. Additionally, the GM vice president of U.S. marketing, Joel Ewanick, and Bob Socia, the company's vice president of global purchasing and supply chain were given recognition awards.

Perhaps in good timing, the recognition awards were announced a day after GM officially returned to the New York Stock Exchange after restructuring due to bankruptcy.

"General Motors has a long, proven track record of community, inclusion and commitment to the city of Detroit," Chronicle publisher Sam Logan said. "It is only fitting that we recognize and celebrate their efforts to support our community during a time when many others have walked away."