Glidewell Laboratories wins three Townie Choice Awards

By Tucker Harrington

Glidewell Laboratories, which provides dental lab products and services, cleaned up at the 2010 Townie Choice Awards, as it took home three prizes.

The company won for “Crown & Bridge,” “Removable” and “Veneer & High Esthetic.” The recipients of the recognition awards are chosen by professionals who work within the dental community.

It appears as though Glidewell knows what it’s doing as this is the company’s eighth consecutive win for both the “Removable” and “Veneer & High Esthetic” categories and its seventh win for the “Crown & Bridge” category.

Since the Townie Choice Awards were established in 2003, Glidewell Laboratories has won 21 recognition awards for its products.

The Townie Choice Awards were created by Dr. Farran and Farran Media, which is the publisher of Dentaltown magazine. The recognition awards were creative in order to help dental assistants make good decisions about what products they should by. Professionals in the dental industry will be able to make their selections based on if these products have received awards, as they would probably be of high quality.