Give glass award during Labor Day events

By: Tucker Harrington

Labor Day weekend is just around the corner, and as it is the unofficial end of summer, most try to make the long weekend as fun as possible. Many times this includes hosting family barbecues, taking trips to the beach or meeting up with friends to hang out and enjoy the warm air while it lasts.

For families looking to host an unforgettable backyard bash this Labor Day weekend, the key may be to run a variety of fun events and competitions. For people who are known for their fabulous parties, this may push their status over the top. Pick up games like horseshoes, cornhole, bucketball and more. When guests arrive, have people who want to play pick teams and then get ready for the rivalries to begin.

Honor the winning teams in different events with glass awards with funny messages engraved. Phrases like “Champ of Cornhole at the Johnson’s Labor Day Party 2012,” will let everyone know who took home the top prizes, while also gifting the winners with a funny and elegant piece of memorabilia.