Get fit as a family by enticing kids with awards

By: Tucker Harrington

Lets face it, most people make resolutions to get fit at the start of a new year. Even though January is almost over, it is never too late to get healthy. This notion may be even more important if you have kids, since teaching youngsters about healthy lifestyles can ensure they continue to live well with age. Here are a few ways to get fit as a family:

Make workouts fun
When it comes to kids, having fun is a main objective. Not many youngsters would be excited to go for a family jog, so instead, ask your kids if there are any exercises they’d like to try. Whether it be ice skating or doing yoga together, finding a program that works might mean everyone will stick with it for longer.

Offer prizes
There is perhaps nothing that will keep people on a health kick better than creating some friendly competition. Presenting awards to the family member who stuck to his or her exercise and diet regimen each month could promote more effort all around. Award ideas like letting them have an extra cheat day or taking the winning child of the month out for a special treat might make everyone work harder toward an important goal.