Five Fun Facts of Customer Service

Customer service excellence has always been and will always be one of the critical competitive advantages of  We keep our viable edge by having fun and really enjoying what we do! 


1) We have fun with customers – A pleasing personality goes a LONG way.  Smile while on the phone with customers and it will come through.  This helps build lasting relationships.

2) We make sure that our team works with pace and immediacy to solve customer issues – I’ll bet you can remember the pain of a slow reaction from your dealings with other companies.  We respond quickly!

3) We embrace complaints – Complaints are a wonderful gift – they’re feedback of the highest order. We use them as learning tools to better our service.  A positive response to a complaint will be remembered and actually builds trust.

4) We are our Customer – We often ask other departments to place fake orders so they can give honest feedback on our service.  We want to encounter our business the way our customers do and experience what they experience. We order online, call the customer service line, report a complaint, and check the status on an order.

5) We give memorable service – We want you to remember the last moments of your interaction with so that we leave the most lingering experience.  Remember the last few minutes of the conservation will be what are remembered – so we make it memorable!