We’re Growing! Sales & Customer Service Specialist Needed

FineAwards.com TeamThis summer of 2019, FineAwards.com is growing! We’re expanding our product selection, widening our social media reach, and much more. To make all these changes and help our business grow, we are hiring! We are looking to hire a Sales and Customer Service Specialist.

I myself was just hired as a Marketing Intern three weeks ago! I was brought on with another sales intern, and we have been busy since day one! Within a week, I was already a part of two different projects. Now, in week three, I’ve worked on at least five projects (I can’t keep count)!

Even though I’m an intern, I have never had to go out and grab coffee for the team. Nor have I sat in a corner and plugged numbers into an Excel spreadsheet all day. I knew that wouldn’t be this internship when on my first day I sat in on a sales management meeting.Fine Awards Lobby I have worked on social media marketing, search engine optimization, this very blog, and so much in between. While this is my first internship, I know that the level of involvement I have here far exceeds what I would have had at another internship.

I can’t not mention the team. My prior experience was working in food service and retail, and this is not only my first internship but also my first marketing job. I ask so many questions, and someone is always there to answer. In three weeks, I have already gone through one third of a notebook just writing down answers to my questions.

If you want to learn more about FineAwards.com, check out our selection of corporate awards. For the coolest pieces, scroll through our custom crystal or custom acrylic galleries (keep an eye out for the crystal pint of Guinness-my favorite)! We hope to hear from you soon!