FineAwards.Com supplies custom trophies for Miami Dolphins Fins Weekend

FineAwards.Com supplies custom trophies for Miami Dolphins Fins Weekend By: Jonathan Bennett

The Miami Dolphins Foundation will soon be hosting its biggest fundraiser of the year, giving event goers a chance to mingle with players past and present as well as coaches and cheerleaders. The fun-filled Fins Weekend will be taking place May 17 through May 19 and features golf, fishing and exciting parties. All proceeds from the event will go toward supporting the Miami Dolphins Foundation that works to provide and support local charities and programs in Southern Florida.

May 17 – meet and greet

Fins Weekend will start off with the Celebrity Draw party where participants will enjoy cocktails and hors d'oeuvres while interacting with elite Miami Football personnel. Participants will also be able to play games like putting, chipping and sand shot for a chance to win prizes before the real competitions begin.

May 18 – golfing and silent auction

Hopefully participants don't have too much fun as they'll have to get down to business bright and early on May 18. During this time Dolphin players, alumni and community members will play 18 holes at the prestigious Turnberry Isle Golf Course, with an awards luncheon afterward. The night concludes with a dinner and silent auction at Miami Beach Marina.

May 19 – fishing and awards

Saturday starts the real excitement – the 16th annual Miami Dolphins Foundation Fishing Tournament. During the tournament amateur and professional anglers will meet at Miami Beach Marina for a day of fun-spirited fishing. Boaters will be accompanied by Miami Dolphins players, giving the fisherman a chance to show the professional athletes a thing or two about reeling in the big fish.

Once the competition is over, the fish will be brought in for weigh-ins, followed by the announcement of the winners and the awards ceremony. Winners for biggest fish and more will be announced during this time. First place winner will get the fabulous prize of going on the Miami Dolphins team charter airplane to attend an away game. The top winner will also be awarded with a grand trophy created by is supplying all of the crystal trophies, and winners will be able to bring them home to showcase in their living spaces and keep the memories of hanging out with Miami Dolphin elite fresh in their minds until next year.