presents service awards to Hollywood Police Department’s first responders

Hollywood Beach, Florida – On Jan. 27, local awards company,, presented service awards to first responders of the Hollywood Police Department for their service during the COVID-19 pandemic.'s service awards for Hollywood Police

A set of different awards were personalized and given to two specific departments of the police department.

The first piece given was the Lightbulb awards were given to the department’s civilian units; these clear, rectangle-shaped acrylic awards feature a finely engraved lightbulb and plenty of room for name and date etchings of the recipient. 

The second award was given to sworn officers. They were awarded crystal top awards which are shapely pieces that have beveled details on their peripheral edges.

The various police departments of South Florida have assisted local hospitals in responding to emergencies caused by the COVID pandemic. This was especially helpful when COVID and hospital units were overwhelmed with the number of patients they were receiving on a daily basis.

Due to this valuable effort, started the “Heroes of COVID-19” recognition program in mid-2020 as an initiative to reward the COVID units of South Florida’s hospitals. This program extended to EMTs (emergency medical technicians), fire and police departments, who have all worked together to help the people who’ve become infected.

The finest service awards for our police departments

This combined effort has helped deter the number of infections that shot out of control in the early summer months of 2020. Although the world is experiencing new spikes in cases, the emergency departments have gone through the mill of this pandemic and know what to do when emergencies do arise.

Recognition programs and service awards like this were made to uplift the morale of those on the front lines. Giving employees rewards and a show of appreciation for their hard work has proven effective at keeping them going through difficult times.

For 20 years, has made custom and personalized awards for different companies and industries, all with their own unique twist to suit that company’s culture. thanks the Hollywood Police Department for their service and we wish them the best continuing forward with the pandemic.

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