is Recognized by the Better Business Bureau Accredited Online Business Program is Recognized through the Better Business Bureau Accredited Online Business ProgramBy Seth Fine

August 15, 2008: Miami, FL – of Hollywood, Florida has been recognized by the Better Business Bureau Accredited Online Business Program.

An accredited business must…

-Have been operational in any Better Business Bureau’s service area for at least the past 12 months unless one or more of its principals had previously operated a similar business that would have qualified for accreditation; 

-Be and remain licensed and bonded, if required, and provide licensing and bonding information upon request of the Bureau; 

-Be and remain free from any government action that affects the reliability of the business; 

-Fulfill contracts and agreements and correct mistakes promptly; 

-Respect customer privacy by disclosing on its website what information will be collected, with whom it is shared, how it can be corrected, how it is secured, how policy changes will be communicated, and how to address concerns over misuse of personal data; 

-Ensure that any sensitive data it collects online is transmitted by a secure means; 

-Comply with industry standards for the protection and proper disposal of all sensitive data, whether online or offline; 

-Contact customers only by the means specified and promptly remedy the cause of any failure to do so.