designs this year’s Hank Aaron award

This year, the Hank Aaron Award, which is presented to the top baseball players in both the National and American leagues during the fourth game of the World Series, was presented to Joey Votto and Jose Bautista. This baseball recognition award is designed by

The baseball recognition award, which is given to the best hitters in each league, is named in honor of Hank Aaron winning the record of most career home runs from Babe Ruth. According to MSNBC, this year, Votto, of the Cincinnati Reds, hit a total of 37 home runs, while Bautista, of the Toronto Blue Jays, hit 54 home runs.

The Miami Herald reports that the recipients of this baseball recognition award are chosen by both fans and sports analysts, and is presented before the start of game 4 by Aaron himself. originally designed the Hank Aaron Awards for MLB back in 1999 and have been the proud manufacturer for the past 12 years. They also design customized awards and gifts for sports teams, Fortune 500s and not for profits. has more than 25 years of experience in the recognition awards industry.

By Abigail Richards