Celebrates Take your Kids to Work Day


On Friday April 10th, the office was full of little voices eager to celebrate Take your Kids to Work Day. The little troops were first assembled for an introduction to all the employees. Next it was time for each of them to fill out their first resume and read it to the group. Popular career choices included artist, teacher, fireman and ballerina.

Once orientation was complete, it was time for the new employees to create their own award. Each little helper selected clip art and customized their message for engraving. They then got to make the mask for the award, lay it, tape it and finally engrave it themselves. They each felt a great sense of accomplishment when finished.

It was now lunch time and pizza was on the menu along with cake for dessert. With full bellies they all sat and watched a very funny movie called “The Parent Trap”. Lots of laughter and fun was had by all. As the day came to an end, many of the kids wanted to work “overtime” and continue the fun.

The kids weren’t the only ones that enjoyed this event. Our entire staff had a blast. We often refer to as a family. It was special to be able to share that with our children too.