and Tenet Healthcare have sponsored an employee recognition program to boost morale for Hialeah Hospital’s COVID-19 Units!

South Florida – As the COVID-19 pandemic continues in South Florida, hospitals and medical units are feeling its effects because of the daily arrivals of new patients. But this challenge has not doused the passion and responsibility of the medical staff asked to save lives at their own risk. On, the contrary, it’s inspired a new employee recognition program for South Florida’s COVID units.

Tenet Healthcare and have partnered and put together the Heroes of COVID-19 employee recognition program. Five of Tenet’s hospitals will receive customized recognition awards starting on Wednesday the 19th of August for the various COVID units at Hialeah Hospital.

Employee recognition for COVID Unit.

These hospitals are located in the heart of the COVID epicenter; the hospitals included in this program are:

  • Hialeah Hospital
  • Coral Gables Hospital
  • North Shore Medical Center
  • Florida Medical Center
  • Palmetto General Hospital.

This recognition program is intended to be a morale boost and a show of thanks to the various units most affected by the virus. The units include but not limited to ICU/CCU (Intensive care unit/Coronary care unit), Respiratory, ED (emergency department), and Rehabilitation.

In the past few months, Florida’s state government has contracted nurses from all over the country to come and help the state’s overwhelmed hospital staff. Although new August COVID cases have dropped, Florida is still fighting this epidemic and learning more about the virus every day. But, more people are recovering and getting healthier, thanks to the effort of these units.

Although times are challenging, those on the front lines deserve to be uplifted and appreciated for putting their lives on the line to save those in need. The award was designed to show that while we are all in this struggle together, some have risen to meet the virus head-on and will not stop until we are all safe again. CEO Seth Fine says, “As the impact of COVID-19 began to affect the entire world, the meaning of ‘we are all in this together’ never meant more. The team wanted to help by saying thank you to our frontline healthcare workers risking their lives every day in our community. Our mission for 20 years has been to recognize high achievers and the COVID units at Tenet Healthcare are raising that bar to a whole new level. Please accept this small token of appreciation on behalf of all you have served and saved.”

Employee recognition and simply taking a moment these days to say “thank you” are the pillars that was built on. Their awards have been featured around the world for more than 20 years but no moment as crystalizing as this one we now face.

While there are still new cases every day, now is a great time to show gratitude and appreciation to our COVID-19 units. Without them, this situation would be a lot worse and many of the people who have recovered wouldn’t have made it without the help of these amazing teams.

We at are proud to work with Tenet Healthcare and are excited to present awards out to the hospital units in South Florida. We hope these acts of recognition uplift them and remind them their service has not gone unnoticed and we wish them all the best in their battle against this pandemic.

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