Extreme Quality Control at FineAwards.com

Here at FineAwards.com, we take our quality control process to the next level.  Typically quality control in most awards companies starts once your awards are produced.  A normal quality control associate’s main responsibility is to make sure your awards are clean and put into a gift box.  Not here at Fine Awards. 


Our quality control has an extensive checklist prior to your order going into production.  It starts with verifying your proof matches the etching file sent to production.   This ensures we are etching the correct text and logos onto the awards you ordered prior to etching.  During this process, we review spelling and grammar as well.  Even though all of our customers are sent a PDF proof prior to their order going into production we have found that some minor errors are missed and we do our best to try and eliminate any of these.  We don’t stop there either! 


Once our pre-production quality control check is done and your order goes into production, our production team will then do a quality control check again.  The first step is to verify that they have all the artwork needed to complete your order.  Next, they will verify that the items received match the items on your order and that they are in perfect condition.  Once these two steps are checked they will then dry fit your art file onto your items to ensure the sizing is correct and that the awards will come out exactly as shown on your proof. 


Once your awards are etched our quality control process continues with a very thorough cleaning and, you guessed it, another round of checking your items to your proof to ensure all of your text and logos were etch completely and that your finished awards match the proof you were sent.  Once we have verified that all the text has been etched, your awards have no damages or scratches, and are clean we place them into their gift boxes and proceed to pack them for delivery.