Exostar honored with the Future 50 Award

By Abigail Richards

As the business world continues to pick itself back up following the recession, those who get ahead with innovative ideas are receiving recognition awards for their part.

Exostar, which focuses in business-to-business sharing through cloud computing, was recently honored by SmartCEO Magazine with its Future 50 Award, because the company demonstrates corporate growth and leadership. Jamie Nespor-Park, the magazine’s publisher, said they were “honored” to recognize Exostar.

The company has won the recognition before, as it has seen tremendous growth over the past three years. Attending the January 27th ceremony to accept the honor is the company’s chief financial officer (CFO) and interim chief executive officer (CEO) Richard Addi.

“The economic climate we’ve faced the past few years has redefined the business-to-business landscape. Companies are operating far more judiciously, choosing to purchase only those solutions that demonstrate clear and compelling value,” Addi said. “We have an outstanding team that deserves the Future 50 award recognition, and we will continue to develop and deliver the innovative service offerings our customers have come to expect.”