Everything You Need to Know About Ordering Custom Awards

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It’s common knowledge that employee recognition programs and custom awards have uplifting influences on office morale. From kind gestures of gratitude to prizing staff with beautiful custom awards, employee appreciation can improve employer-staff rapport and invigorate the work environment. That’s our business motto here at FineAwards.com

For over 20 years, we’ve specialized in bringing companies top-grade custom awards for all manner of companies at reasonable prices. We’ve designed one-of-a-kind custom plaques and awards for the biggest names in sports, fashion, hospitality, culinary, and small businesses. 

We design customized award pieces in crystal, glass, acrylic, and many other materials that can be made into one-of-a-kind pieces just for your company. Some of our custom award pieces were designed in the shape of company emblems, unique product items, and even architectural buildings, all with precise detail in its personalization.

More so, we’ll collaborate with you in designing your custom award pieces for maximum satisfaction and to make the process easier for your busy schedule. If you’re on a budget, we’ll also work with you to get the right price for your awards as well as offering free engravings and basic personalization setups.

As an extension of our company-client services, this page is dedicated to you. Any questions you may have about our selection of materials, award pieces, and the designing process of customized awards will be answered below.

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Client Input and Designs for Personalized Awards

We like to say that our most special business characteristic is company-client collaboration. This is a first-hand shopping experience that you won’t easily find elsewhere. By using your designs and ideas, we’re creating a unique experience for you and making your award pieces that much more special for your employees.

We don’t want you to be limited to the stock award inventory we sell. That’s why we encourage our clients to submit designs they’ve come up with. We’ll use your ideas and build your award and personalize them based on your input. This initial stage is to modify our services to your needs; to do this, we will need the following:

Sketch your custom awards
  • Sketches or designs:

Your vision, as we like to call it, details what you want the awards to look like, specific colors, and personalized text and graphics you would like engraved onto the piece.

Tell us your custom award budget.
  • Budget limit:

By having your budget limit in mind, we’re able to present you with alternative awards that are just as stunning as our most expensive items. The alternative that we’ll present you will better suit your needs, save you money and will leave your employees in awe!

  • Quantity:

This amount determines how many custom award pieces will be made and shipped to your event or location.

Your end date for custom awards.
  • End Date:

Finally, this date is the latest possible date to have your awards shipped to you before the start of the event and have it in your hands. With this date, we’ll speed up the production of your awards so that there is plenty of time for you to prepare and no delay on our end.

After we have this information, our collaboration begins, and we can start making your custom award pieces!

But our company-clients relationship won’t end in the initial design process. We’re hands-on during the design process and your input will directly influence the final design of your awards. As we start bringing your sketches and ideas to life, we’ll send you a free order confirmation and art proofs that you’ll approve or make changes to. This step involves the client in the process of designing their awards and having control over their development.

Final proofs take 24-48 hours from the time you send us your sketches or designs. After you’ve approved your proofs, your items will ship in 5-7 business days. During this time, your awards will be manufactured and shipped before your end-date.

shipping your custom awards

Now, before we can start working together, you should know about the various materials we work with and the different personalization options you have with your selection.

Custom Crystal Awards

When designing your custom employee recognition awards, you can’t get more elegant than going with crystal. We’re proud to say that we’ve designed awards for some of the top brands in sports, fashion, culinary, and hospitality with crystal, and we’ll gladly make high-end quality awards for you too!

True Religion custom awards

Our crystal awards are hand blown and cut to ensure top-notch precision, which you won’t get anywhere else. In addition to how your awards will be made, we enlarge the centerpieces of the awards so there’s enough room to add free text and logo engravings, making the award that much more special.

If you choose to design your custom awards with crystal, two distinct crystal material types are available to you: lead crystal and optical crystal. Both of these crystal types have different benefits that’ll add flair to your awards and make them more distinctive.

  • Lead Crystal

As the name implies, this crystal type is made with 24% lead metal, which adds weight to the award that you’ll notice immediately. Although lead crystal is heavier than glass and acrylic, it’s softer than these materials, thus making it easier to design and sculpt.

  • Optical Crystal

Optical lead is a whole other thing entirely; it’s just as elegant as crystal but far more versatile than lead crystal, which gives you more options when designing customized awards.

This material is made with large sheets that are pressed together, removing any air-bubbles or defects, giving you a flawless final product. The same materials that are used in our awards are used in camera lenses, NASA telescopes, and other quality visual equipment.

The method of engraving a custom award piece is just as important as sculpting it. When you choose crystal, you can personalize and engrave your award pieces using the following methods:

  • 3-D laser engravings:

The 3-D engraving method uses lasers positioned at specific points on the award’s body, making small engravings based on uploaded computer images.

  • Sandblasting:

Sandblasting uses air-hoses, propelling sand-like particles at a high-velocity to accurately engrave text and logos onto the surface of the award. This method has proven to etch detail the best.

An aspect of crystal aesthetics that’s also alluring to new customers is how light is diffracted when it passes through the award. When light is diffracted in crystal awards, it shimmers and reflects off its various edges, as opposed to glass and acrylic, which light simply passes through.

Custom crystal awards are all sculpted and refined at our overseas facility because of safety protocols instituted by the U.S. government. Now that you’ve seen what we can do with crystal, let’s show you what we can do with an equally elegant and versatile material, glass!

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Custom Glass Awards

Glass is a similar material to crystal in the awards industry because you can use the same design and personalization methods with glass as you can with crystal. But there are some advantages that we can do exclusively with glass that you couldn’t do with other materials.

Personalized glass custom awards

We make the same awards in crystal as we do in glass, but because it’s lighter than crystal, due to its lack of lead, we can design a lot of unique and striking centerpieces with glass, including the following:

  • Obelisk and Tower Awards:

These are the awards that’ll stand tall wherever you put them. Most obelisk and tower awards stand between 9” to 12” in height and come in different shapes and colors.

  • Flame Awards:

These awards are what employee recognition awards are all about! Flame awards are given to the top employees in a company for reaching a new milestone in the company. The award’s centerpiece is designed with a flame teardrop shape and it can be purchased in an array of colors.

art glass custom awards
  • Art Glass:

Art glass awards are where you see the full creativity of glass artisans. The centerpiece of art glass awards includes either spherical or oval-shaped pieces that have an inner multicolored spiral that add a surreal aesthetic to the awards.

  • Star Awards:

Nothing else needs to be said about an item called a “star award.” These custom recognition awards are also given to staff that have achieved a significant task. There are many different styles, shapes, and colors to choose from.

Diamond glass custom awards
  • Diamond Awards:

Diamond awards are other pieces in our selection that don’t just come in one shape or one style. You purchase classic beveled awards, flat diamond-shaped, and whole detailed cut diamonds.

The precision that goes into designing our various selections of glass awards will go into designing your customized awards. Even the same accurate methods that we use to personalize crystal awards with engravings can be done with glass materials.  

Now, if you want luxurious and elegant awards, it’s best if you stick to glass and crystal materials. But if you’re looking for colorful and over-the-top centerpiece designs, consider our acrylic custom awards and plaques. We surely have something you’ll love!

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Custom Acrylic Awards

Acrylic is the material that allows you to get supremely imaginative with your award designs. With this material, your options for centerpiece shapes and colors are far easier to make, and some of our most eye-catching personalized awards have been made with this material.

Acrylic is a hard, plastic material that’s more versatile than crystal or glass, meaning you can bend and mold acrylic into any shape imaginable. Even some big-name brands have chosen this material for their awards. We’ve designed custom acrylic awards-inspired company emblems, mascots, or whatever they’ve come up with using acrylic.

Acrylic is the material that allows you to get supremely imaginative with your award designs. With this material, your options for centerpiece shapes and colors are far easier to make, and some of our most eye-catching personalized awards have been made with this material.

Acrylic is the material that allows you to get supremely imaginative with your award designs. With this material, your options for centerpiece shapes and colors are far easier to make, and some of our most eye-catching personalized awards have been made with this material.

An aspect of this custom cut acrylic that makes it stand out from glass or crystal is the printing of images to the acrylic pieces and adding color-fill. With this ability, you have unlimited creative possibilities when designing your custom piece that you don’t have with other materials.

Now, if you’re concerned about the damage that can occur to your award piece, it’ll relieve you that acrylic is far more impact and scratch-resistant than glass and crystal. This is due to acrylic’s soft composition and lightweight.

It absorbs impact, reducing chipping and the amount of damage when it falls off your desk or trophy shelf. This guarantees that the money you’ve invested into these employee recognition awards will last and look good doing so.

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3-D Laser Engraved Customized Awards

Each personalization method will bring you a different result. But by using laser engraving machines to make 3-D etchings, you’ll get marvelous results on your custom awards that you won’t get with other etching methods.

3D engraved custom awards

Using this 3-D engraving method, your creativity is endless because you can upload any images into the computer, and have it engraved onto the crystal. We can do the basics with 3-D engravings such as company emblems, but also full images of people, photographs, newspaper clippings, and machinery.

Once a 3-D etching is complete, you can get a unique view of the image from all sides of the award. This method isn’t limited in award shaped either; you can use both stock and original designs you want, and it will come out looking splendid.

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Custom Plaque Awards

Our custom award plaques are the most sought-after items we sell in our catalog. We don’t just sell classic wooden and etching plate awards, but a variety of stunning pieces made from durable and high-end materials. This variety adds flavor and personality to traditional award plaques.

Perpetual plaque custom awards

Although custom plaques are meant to accentuate a graduate’s or employee’s achievement, the different materials help communicate the uniqueness of the achievement and the company through different materials.

Our personalization methods even allow you to use a plaque for something other than for corporate recognition. Our clients have used their customized plaques as signs, warning of spills in isles, sanitation reminders in bathrooms, and even as a social distancing advisory.  

The following are the lovely materials that are available to you, which add a different flair to your plaque awards.

  • Wooden Plaques:

Wooden customized plaques are the classic and professional looking plaques in our catalog. These are mostly used for employee recognition and graduation gifts. You’re able to purchase our plaques in Bamboo, Walnut, Mahogany, and more.

You also have choices to engrave your plaques when you choose one of these plaques. With the Walnut and Mahogany plaques, you can engrave text and logos onto a black etching plate that’s either located at the center of the plaque or the bottom. On the other hand, many of our Bamboo plaques allow you to etch right onto the body itself.

  • Acrylic Plaques:

Custom acrylic plaques are a fresh new version of classic plaque awards. Just like acrylic awards, these plaques are more eye-catching in their body’s design and more colorful, which adds to the uniqueness of the awards for the company and recipient.

As with other acrylic awards pieces, you have a lot of creative freedom when designing your customizable plaques, the same methods of engraving and adding patterns is made easier.

  • Crystal Plaques:

When purchasing custom crystal plaques, you’re getting a truly ravishing award piece. You get both the opulent elegance of the crystal with the professional appearance of a recognition plaque.

crystal plaque custom awards

The custom plaques we offer come in a variety of shapes and sizes that stand out from one another. We sell the classic hang-on-the-wall plaque, the new sleek plaques that are completely clear with colored etching areas, and artistic plaques.

All of which have the same light-capturing features and endless personalization options that would have with the crystal custom awards.

  • Glass Plaques:

A glass custom plaque award is the next best thing to crystal. Although glass doesn’t have the heavy luxe of crystal or the fun aesthetic of acrylic doesn’t mean you’re missing out.

When it comes down to glass plaques, we have a wider variety of shapes, colors, and sizes than crystal. In addition to the basic colors, we offer plaques in Jade, Gold, Silver, and natural hues.

There are also more sizes with glass than crystal. Depending on the shape of the plaque, you have a selection of awards ranging from 3” to 6” minimalist plaques to towers 13” and over. All of which is a blank canvas for your personalization ideas.

  • Perpetual Plaques:

Perpetual plaque custom awards

Perpetual plaques are the professional’s award piece. These are the classic plaques you see mounted on the wall of a professor’s study or office, proudly showing their achievements.

The majority of our custom perpetual plaques are made of various refined woods such as Walnut, Cherry, and Rosewood, which adds that classic aesthetic to its appearance. All of these plaques also come with black etching plates that you personalize with engravings, which also adds profound contrast to the plaque’s color.

Our plaques are also available in crystal, which adds that elegant flash you can’t get with other materials. In addition to their bold appearance, crystal perpetual custom plaque comes in arch and triangle shapes with etching blocks that can be added and removed when you please.  

  • Granite and Marble:

Custom marble and stone award plaques have a strong and earthly elegance to their appearance that makes an ideal canvas for your designs and ideas. These materials hold their own when compared to crystal or glass because of its natural elegance and any designs are suited perfectly onto the stone.

But, aside from marble and granite plaques, we also offer items made with slate and stonecast if you want to go in a more rustic direction.

Marble plaque custom awards

Slate is a metamorphic rock or rock sediment that changes form and appearance under intense heat and pressure, much like diamonds. The final product is slate, a highly durable and attractive rock that makes splendid custom plaque awards.

On the other hand, stonecast is precast concrete or powder that can be molded and shaped into different shapes. Once stonecast has been molded, you can pair it with wood, glass, metals, and acrylic, which gives you different styles for you to choose from.

Although we specialize in custom awards and plaques, stunning sporting trophies, and bowl awards as well. All of which are different from one another and can suit any sport or event where they’re being showcased at. You can find out more in the paragraphs below.

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Custom Trophies and Service Awards

Championship teams deserve custom trophies or bowl awards for their dedication to their sport. Outstanding sporting trophies are defined by their size and the boldness of their design, like the Vince Lombardy Trophy and The Stanley Cup.

We incorporate these same ideas into your personalized trophies, fitting them to your team, city, or the MVP. As fans of sports, we set out to make customized trophies for all athletes of all sports including Football, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Baseball, and many other competitive sports.

With that being said, we make a custom trophy in other materials than glass, acrylic, or crystal. Many of these trophies are designed with metals and resin, which give the award a different yet elegant aesthetic.


Resin solider custom awards

Much like acrylic, resin is a hard, bronze-colored plastic material that’s molded and formed into various shapes. It’s also a convenient material to add precise detail to. Using resin, we’ve made many personalized awards for all the sports mentioned above as well as military and medical service pieces.

Some of the trophy centerpieces include male and female athletes, doctors, nurses, law enforcement officers, and more. The centerpiece is precise from head to toe; the gear of law enforcement and medical figurines is to the point as well as with the athletic centerpieces.

Metal adds a professional look and feels to the award, similar to what you’d see at professional events.

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Metal Sporting Awards

Metal trophy custom awards

If you want a trophy that looks like it belongs in the hall of fame, we offer you silver-plates aluminum trophies. You can hear the roar of victory when looking at these personalized trophies. Now, if you want something more classic and down-to-earth, you can go with our gold-colored cooper trophies.

Our customized trophies also come in classic and modern styles based on the materials you’re choosing. With our metal awards, you can customize classic cups and world-class trophies. But you also have the option of customizing trophies that have a sport’s ball centerpiece.

These customized trophies feature detailed basketballs, footballs, and soccer balls held up by a metallic stand. The details found on both these centerpieces and professional balls are decorated with bright gold-colored metal.

No trophy wouldn’t be complete without a stand and etching for personalization. All of our custom trophies are designed with a stand that’ll both contrast the cool colors of the trophy and give you enough space to add text and logo engravings.

These stands either come in jet black, that add a deepened contrast between the different hues, and monochromatic, which gives the trophy a solid feel to it.

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