Employees purchase a custom award for recently retired boss

By Abgail Richards 

Many workers can think of one boss that they had throughout their career who was truly an inspiration and a joy to work for. As sad as a number of employees are to see them go, managers do end up retiring – and what better way to celebrate an amazing career than host a party?

Several managers, CEOs or employers will expect a little party in their honor. But for those really exceptional bosses, some employees may want to take this a little bit further. Investing in a custom crystal award can be the perfect way to do so. When it comes to a good boss, a number of people will chip in to ensure they get exactly what they deserve.

What’s more is that this will serve as a big surprise to the retiree, and he or she will be able to remember how much their employees respected them every time they look at the award or plaque – while they enjoying their golden years when between their golf game and dinners out on the town.