Employee Recognition and Its Impact on Women in Your Company

Employee recognition is one of the most important aspects of building rapport between employees and employers. This is especially so with women.

According to recent studies, women make 46.9% of employees in the workforce; women have now become a considerable influence in the modern workplace. Now, with an increase in gender diversity, employee recognition is more important than ever for the health of a company.

Recognition awards and business gifts have a profound impact on your employees and the way they do their jobs. It’s beneficial to analyze various aspects of employee engagement to decrease turnover rates and increase morale with women. Here are some things you should keep in mind.


Gender Acknowledgement and Work Experience

Although some people don’t wish to be associated with their gender stereotype, it’s important to acknowledge gender when rewarding someone for their hard work. This act of gender-specific awards for women shows consideration for the diversity in the workforce.

Other studies have shown that women are more inclined to have good work experience, while men prefer promotional opportunities and an increase in pay. This doesn’t mean that women don’t want these things, but these studies have shown that women want to work in a stable and friendly environment.


Employee Engagement and Promotion for Women


A concerning detail that was noted about employee engagement and promotions with women is, as women get promoted up the ranks of a company, engagement decreases. It’s been noted that the knowledge and experience of women in leadership roles aren’t used to stimulate growth among lower-level female employees as much as it should. Sometimes they’re overlooked completely.

Many factors that contribute to women being overlooked for promotions including:

  • Negative effects of maternity leave on their job performance.
  • Male customers not wanting to interact or be serviced by women.
  • Being excluded from promotions even with relevant experience.

Recognition awards are great but an emphasis on the employee experience and promotional opportunities for women in your company should be a priority. Not only will your employees be more engaged in their jobs, but the workspace will be livelier.


More Women, More Employee Recognition for Women

This one may seem a little obvious, but the companies that employed more women had higher rates of employee engagement than those that didn’t. This study not only highlights women in lower-level positions, but mid-level, and executive positions as well.

In addition to this, the rate of male workers to females was consistent, while companies with poor levels of employee recognition showed only a slight increase in promotions for women while a gradual increase for men.

There are many ways of showing the women in your office that they’re important pieces to your company, even as or more important than men.

When you give the people in your company the same opportunities, you’ll see an increase not only in their work efficiency but in the morale of your office. When you’ve got this covered, plaque awards and business gifts are the next things you should focus on.