Custom Travel Awards at the Grenada Tourism Awards 2019

Have you seen our custom awards in action? The Grenada Tourism Awards 2019 on July 18 featured custom awards created by! The ceremony took place at the beautiful Spice Island Beach Resort in St. George’s, Grenada. The travel awards celebrated the theme of “Celebrating Successes, Looking to a Bright and Sustainable Future” for Grenada tourism.

The Tourism awards featured three different categories, so Pure Grenada created three different awards. The People’s Tourism Choice Award was made of acrylic, while the Minister’s awards were made with cut custom crystal. The Grenada Tourism Awards 2019 showcased not only the best that Grenada tourism has to offer but also the best of!

People’s Tourism Choice Award 2018

The People’s Tourism Choice Award 2018 winners were selected by a public poll back in November of 2018. As a result, the People’s Tourism Choice Awards were a true testament to public success.

  • Tour Operator: Allison Caton of Isle of Reefs Tour
  • Food and Beverage: Esther Boca of Esther’s Bar
  • Tour Guide: Christopher McDonald of Caribbean Horizon’s Tours

Each winner received a custom acrylic award. These custom acrylic awards featured an acrylic panel with a wood finish and an acrylic recreation of the Pure Grenada logo. Pure Grenada’s acrylic awards look beachy and elegant, and as a result, are a perfect representation of how stunning acrylic awards can be!

Minister’s Awards

The Minister’s Awards honored outstanding individuals because of their length and quality of service, customer feedback, business innovation, new sales techniques, and other advancements in the tourism industry. Here are the winners:

  • Food and Beverage: Bogles Roundhouse Restaurant, Carriacou
  • Transportation: National Taxi Association
  • Accommodation: Petite Anse Hotel
  • Adventure Tourism and Recreation: SPECTO, Leatherback Turtle Nesting Tour
  • Events: Spice Island Billfish Tournament
  • Attractions: Belmont Estate

Each recipient earned a custom crystal award designed to look like the Pure Grenada logo. These travel awards use custom-cut crystal in the shape of the outline of the Pure Grenada Logo. used color-filled etching to replicate the detail of the Pure Grenada logo. These techniques create a logo award in a way that is true to the spirit of the Grenada Tourism Authority.

Minister’s Special Achievement Award

The winner of the Minister’s Special Achievement Award was Sir Royston Hopkins K.C.M.G. Sir Royston is the Managing Director of the Spice Island Beach. He has worked with Grenada tourism for over 30 years and built up the Spice brand to gain international recognition. He was recognized because of his lifetime of dedication to Grenada tourism.

The Grenada Tourism Authority recognized Sir Royston with a larger version of the custom-cut crystal award because of his special status.

The Grenada Tourism Authority saw the importance of recognition in any successful industry. The fact that tourism makes up 23.3% of Grenada’s economy makes it even more important to recognize and encourage success. Pure Grenada used a variety of travel awards so that the winners of each category would be distinguished creatively. The colorful nature of these awards certainly captured the fun spirit of Grenada tourism!