Custom Awards at Seminole Hard Rock Poker Tournament

One of the great things about working at is seeing all of the unique custom awards that we help create. If we’re lucky, we get to see them in action! Such is the case for the custom piece we created with the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino for their Poker Showdown!

Starting on April 4, the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, FL hosted its annual Hard Rock Poker Showdown. The finale to that event was the World Poker Tour Showdown Championship, which ran from April 12 – 16 and culminated in a televised final in Las Vegas! There was so much more than the $3 million guarantee World Poker Tour Showdown, and here we’ve highlighted a few of the winners.


Hard Rock Poker Showdown Winner

Aaron Mermelstein took home $618,955 and the championship in the High Roller event. There were 99 entries in the tournament, and the $2,445,300 prize pool exceeded the tournament guarantee. Mermelstein took home his custom award along with the high roller title for the 2019 Showdown.


$360 Big Stack No Limit Hold’em

Another winner was Aaron Klausman, who took home the title for Event 27: $360 Big Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-entry) and an award of $6,804 of the prize pool of $300,000. The event ended with the final four of 88 players agreeing on a deal which declared Klausman, the chip leader at the time, the winner of the $360 Big Stack NLH event and a fine award!



Turbo No Limit Hold’em

The $1,100 Turbo No Limit Hold’em (Re-entry) event lasted for six-and-a-half-hours, with Greg Levine the sole winner of Event 28 out of 93 entries. Levine left with $29,503 of the $93,000 prize pool and his custom award.


Multi-Flight Tournament

The tournament was closed out with the $150 buy-in multi-flight tournament that is a tradition for Hard Rock’s regulars. Out of 645 entries and a $77,400 prize pool, the winner of Event 24 was Neal Corcoran. Corcoran took home $11,000 after the final five players struck a deal. In addition to rewarding achievement in poker, this award also recognizes customer loyalty not only of Corcoran but the other 644 entries.


If you missed your chance to win big at the Poker Showdown, the Hard Rock is hosting the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open August 1 – 13. With over 70 events on deck, and $1 million guaranteed just for the opener, it’s going to be an exciting two weeks! looks forward to providing custom awards!