Crystal Awards can honor grandparents on September 9

By: Jonathan Bennett

Grandparents tend to hold a special place in kids’ hearts as they are the people who are allowed to spoil them rotten with both love and fond memories. Although families probably say “thank you” to their grandparents on a regular basis, letting them know how much the kids care on September 9 may be even more special. This day is recognized as Grandparents Day around the nation.

There are many ways to show love to grandmas and grandfathers on September 9, and one of the best may be for the kids to draw pictures or make homemade cards describing all the fun times they have with them. These projects are not only keepsake items for grandparents, but may also make them feel good about all the work they do to keep the children smiling.

Another more long-lasting gift to give to grandparents on September 9 is crystal awards. These lovely presents can have sweet messages engraved into them like “World’s Greatest Grandma” to show how much a person means to the children. Plus, grandparents can easily show off the beautiful award to their visiting friends and other family members as proof of how much they’re loved.