Choose an acrylic award for that special occasion

Honor an employee with an acrylic awardBy Tucker Harrington

When it comes to honoring someone, most can agree that they want it done right. Whether it is a longtime boss or a someone who wore the best costume to work last Halloween, the award itself is the keepsake that many hold on to for years to come. Those who are looking for the perfect, customized trophy may want to look into and its acrylic awards, as these acrylic and lucite trophies are engraved by a laser, creating a flawless look.

There are a number of variations of this style including the marquis acrylic award, black mountain award, blue carved star award, gold edge award, jade gem and blue radiance award. All of which are created the way you want it.

These recognition awards are also more affordable than its glass and crystal award counterparts. Therefore, you are not only able to purchase a beautiful acrylic award from, but you may also be able to save a couple dollars by choosing this type – and you do not have to sacrifice beauty for the lower price.