Chocolate blog announces winners for its 2010 awards

By Abigail Richards

Chocolate Banquet, which is an online blog that has showcased a different chocolate every day for more than 1,500 days, recently singled out all of the various chocolates it gave recognition awards to for this past year.

There were 10 different categories, including Best Dark Chocolate Bar in the U.S., Most Original Truffle Flavors, Best International Chocolates and Best Bacon and Chocolate Items. There were also some local awards such as prizes for chocolates in the San Francisco Bay Area and other areas of California.

“Chocolate Banquet started featuring a different chocolate each day, more than four years ago, and quickly found that we were surrounded by a growing base of incredibly talented and creative chocolatiers, chocolate makers and dessert chefs, in the San Francisco Bay Area,” stated Corinne C. DeBra, owner of Chocolate Banquet.

DeBra went on to explain that because the company began to expand its chocolate reporting, it had to create more awards that were outside of the San Francisco Bay Area, such as international chocolates and other companies throughout the U.S.