Boost employee recognition this winter

By: Abigail Richards

The dark and cold winter days are here and for many people, this is the hardest time of the year for a multitude of reasons. Most complain it is harder to get up in the winter and they feel less motivate due to the temperature drop. Even though it may be a challenge to keep employees’ spirits up through spring, there are certain ways to motivate workers to stay on task.

Recognize special events
A great way to boost morale and to let workers know you care about them on a deeper level is to take the time to get to know what’s going on in their lives. Find out if someone recently had a baby or if another employee just got married and then congratulate him or her. Making an effort to be involved can make a person feel special and appreciated in the office. 

Company outings
Another great way to enhance the workplace spirit is to encourage more company outings, even a few that are winter-based. This could include going ice skating or even to a hockey game as a unit. These bonding times are sure to boil over into the office.

Offer praise and recognition
Most people perform a bit slower in the colder weather, but you could nip this habit in the bud by presenting employee recognition awards to workers who continue to go above and beyond despite the dip in temperature. Not only will they feel appreciated, but it might encourage others to step up their game.