Ballerina teacher given recognition award for her work

Alonso has been teaching ballet despite being nearly blindBy Tucker Harrington

While many teachers get into the profession in order to make a difference in others' lives, those who demonstrate significant abilities to reach out to their students are sometimes given recognition awards for their work.

Prima ballerina assoulta Alicia Alonso was recently presented with the National Arts Teaching Award by the Cuban Culture Minister Abel Prieto, according to Radio Cadena Agramonte.

Alonso has worked for more than six decades with ballet dancers in order to reach their full potential, despite being nearly blind. The award is given the Cuban Higher Institute of Arts (ISA), which presents the prize to those who have made a name for themselves in the art world.

ABC News reports that the 90-year-old ballerina was touched when accepting the recognition award, telling the crowd that "the most wonderful moment in life is when one can teach others what one has learned."

The source reports that Alonso began to get recognition while working at the American Ballet Theater. After performing with the company, she moved on to teaching the Cuban National Ballet.