Award the best athletes of the year

By Tucker Harrington

The end of the year is fast approaching, and many coaches and teachers may be thinking of ways to award the best student-athletes in their high schools. One idea is to host an awards ceremony in which they honor the best seniors in the high school, who have exemplified how to balance both school work and athletics and showed how to excel in both.

This is also a good idea as many athletes have a competitive side, and if they see the senior on their team receive recognition awards, it may motivate them to do well in the upcoming year to be honored with one as well.

Additionally, this is an appropriate time of year because many seniors in high school are still applying to colleges. This can give them an extra edge they need to get into their dream university and give them the self esteem they need to continue balancing both sports and academics successfully into their college years. So, schedule a ceremony and have family members and friends attend in order to honor the best in the class.