Award ideas in business

By: Jonathan Bennett

There are many ways to say “thank you” to certain employees who go above and beyond the call of duty and showing a person they’re appreciated in a unique way can really boost morale. Figuring out what type of awards best suit the employees who work at specific businesses can help get people excited about their jobs.

Promotional awards

A great way to encourage teamwork and unity in the office is to dole out promotional products like fleece jackets, towels or robes with the company’s logo on them for people who have improved or helped grow the company in a certain month. Not only does this option help promote the company when the person wears the clothing out and about, but it may also push other employees to strive for greatness so they too can have recognition.

Classic awards

Sometimes classic gifts like crystal or glass awards are the best option for praising an employee. Not only do these types of gifts show an employee his or her hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed, but they are also a symbol that employees can always keep with them. Winning an award for being the top seller or most improved employee for a certain year is an honor and having the words engraved on beautiful awards will remind a person to keep striving for greatness.