As Seen on CBS, Tenet Healthcare and’s Recognition Awards Program Honors COVID-19 Units of Hialeah Hospital.

The recent employee recognition awards program for COVID-19 units of South Florida has captured the attention of many news media outlets who covered the event.

On August 19th, CBS and other news outlets covered an award ceremony held at Hialeah Hospital where there COVID units were presented with custom glass awards. Due to the increased number of COVID infections in the past few months, South Florida’s hospitals have worked tenaciously to combat the virus.

CBS covers recognitio awards ceremony

The effort of Hialeah’s superiors hasn’t gone overlooked. “They have been heroic, they have been tireless, and they have taken exceptional care of their patents,” says Hialeah Hospital CEO Michael Bell. designed 12 glass awards that were given to nurses, doctors, and other hospital staff members that worked through the pandemic. Both representatives of Tenet Healthcare and attended the event and help distribute the awards to the recipients.

“We’re in the business of leaving good reviews and hopefully we leave you with a slightly better feeling when you go home,” says CEO Seth Fine.

The recognition awards program was originally meant to honor individuals. But this presented a challenge, since these are units, with numerous different individuals bringing something different to the work floor. They couldn’t be excluded.

Instead, every COVID department of the hospital, from ED (Emergency Department) to Respiratory and ICU (Intensive Care Unit), got an award because it’s a team effort.

Maribel Torres, the Chief Nurse Officer said, “We care about them. We are passionate about patient care and we want them to know they are well when they leave each day.”

This is just one of the many recognition events to come. Five of Tenet’s South Florida hospitals will receive awards for their dedication in the past few months. Stay tuned for more!