Artwork Tips for the Perfect Sand Etch

Artwork is the most critical part of making your unique awards. It is crucial that the artwork is received in a specific format. The most important component to remember is making sure the art exhibits the necessary qualities in order to perfectly transfer to your award(s). Here at, our team thinks of new ways to collaborate with our clientele on each project. One great example of this are the templates that are prepared to ensure the award selected best exemplifies the level of recognition deserved.

We have come up with some points to consider when using our templates to ensure the perfect sand etch. Blue_Navigate_Award_2359BLU

  • Note the dashed line on the template. This area outlines where your logo, text, and any artwork will etch. Always make sure it stays inside the etch area as anything that exceeds may not be included.
  • The text must be 11 pt font size or larger. It is a valuable part of the process to make sure the personalization is legible.
  • The artwork must be provided in a vector format such as .AI, .EPS, or .SVG. The logo and text must be converted to outlines or curves. In order to create these required files, you will need Adobe Illustrator.
  • Some of our awards have multiple areas that are available for etching however only one area is included in the price of the award.


We guarantee that this information will help make the art submission process a smooth and fast one. Remember, professional layout is included with each order so feel free to leave this in our capable hands.

Our team is ready to work with you on all your award needs!