Add some competition to your July Fourth bash

By: Tucker Harrington

When it comes to holidays, Fourth of July certainly takes the cake as being one of the most fun, mainly because it takes place in the heat of summer. If you have been in charge of hosting an annual backyard bash in our nation’s honor, it might be hard to come up with new ideas to improve upon the soirees of years’ past. Even just a few updates can garner plenty of positive attention from your guests, and one of the best ways to get people involved is by hosting challenges or events that will encourage guests to compete.

Sure, you’ll likely whip up economy size batches of potato salad and coleslaw as well as burgers, hot dogs, steak and chicken, but that doesn’t mean guests can’t help out. Get your close friends and family in on the action by telling everyone that this year, you’ll be hosting a rib-off. Though the event shouldn’t be mandatory, you’re sure to get plenty of competitors looking to take home custom trophies or other prizes for their BBQ skills.

Not only will a rib-off bring some excitement to your backyard bash, but your guests will get to enjoy delicious takes on a classic American dish.

Sticking with the food theme, it may be just as fun to have guests whip up their favorite desserts to see who will be crowned victorious. Though you could opt to allow friends to bring any cake, pie or other baked goods they’d like, you can also up the ante by making it a requirement that the dessert have a patriotic theme.

Going with the latter idea will ensure you get plenty of tasty desserts, while also gaining instant July Fourth decorations for your tables! Ladies and gents are sure to pull out all the stops to come up with creative and more importantly, delicious baked goods.

Since the cooking contests will mainly be for the adults at your upcoming party, it may be a good idea to figure out a few games or activities for the younger guests. Keep in the classic American theme of the day by hosting old favorite competitions like egg races, relay races or even a round of wiffle ball. 

Entice the kids to try their hardest by gifting the winners with awards and other fabulous Fourth of July-inspired prizes.