Academy Award given to Orson Welles is auctioned off

By Abigail Richards

The Academy Awards are considered the best of the best when it comes to those in the film industry. There are a number of noteworthy individuals who have gone up to that stage and received this prestigious honor. One of these people was Orson Welles, who won it for the original screenplay of “Citizen Kane” in 1942. This Oscar was recently auctioned off, and was sold for $861,000 in Los Angeles this past Tuesday, according to The Associated Press.

This Oscar was thought to be lost for quite some time, but it came back into the picture in 1994, when cinematographer Gary Graver attempted to sell it. However, Welles’ youngest daughter, Beatrice, was able to stop him, the media outlet reports.

According to CBS News, people traveled across the globe to attempt to purchase this award. Among them was David Copperfield, who was outbid in the end. However, the Nate D. Sanders Auctions spokesman, Sam Heller, would not identify the person who was able to take the custom trophy home.