7 Most Common Custom Etching Questions

Our goal at FineAwards.com is to help you find and personalize the perfect award for your event or workplace! To help with this, we’ve assembled a list of some of the most common questions about custom etching on crystal awards.

Template for the Crystal Beveled Diamond Award.

1. How much can fit on awards?

It depends on the award! Because each award is different, there is no standard character limit or set space for all awards. Each product has a specialized template that details the size and shape of the etching area. Some products have the template right on the product page so you can see right away, while others you will need to contact members of the FineAwards team at myartwork@fineawards.com. If that is not enough space, read more below about custom etching on multiple sides.

2. What colors can I use?

Members of the FineAwards.com team etch and then colorfill the engraving by hand. We offer a wide variety of standard colors, including different shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and brown, as well as metallic silver and gold.  For more flexibility, explore our VividPrint and acrylic awards!

3. Can I color match?

The Krispy Kreme Custom Crystal Award with red colorfill etching.

We do offer a PMS color matching service for our custom crystal awards! You design this award, and the flexibility and range that comes with creating your own award allow us to color match custom awards. The same applies to our custom acrylic awards. In fact, there is even more flexibility with acrylic than crystal.

However, we do not offer a PMS color match for crystal colorfill etching on our selection of corporate awards. Our colorfill selection is standardized for all of our awards. Additionally, only certain colors are available in colored crystal. To learn more about our selection of colored crystal and find out which is best for you, read our colored crystal blog! If you are set on buying a crystal trophy from our catalog, look at our VividPrint awards! While the custom etching itself is not colored, a custom, colored print is attached to the back. This allows for more variability in color than other crystal awards.

4. Can I etch on multiple sides?

Etching on multiple sides of the Encore Clear Crystal Diamond Tower Award.

Yes, you can! Custom etching on multiple sides is another way to make your award even more personalized. However, we recommend discussing multiple-side etching with a FineAwards.com team member before ordering. Some awards, especially the clear optical crystal awards, are not as conducive to multiple side etching. The reflective and clear properties of the crystal can obscure the writing on multiple sides. To help combat this, we encourage multiple side etching on colored crystal awards so there is less transparency. If you want a clear crystal trophy, then make each message stand out by adding colorfill to help distinguish one side etch from another.

5. What font size could I use?

We recommend not going any smaller than 12 point font, but it all depends on the etching area of the award. Each award template includes the dimensions of the etchable space, so you know how much room you have to say what you want to say.

6. What fonts are best for custom etching?

Logo etching and etching on multiple sides are displayed on the Apex Beveled Starfire Crystal Diamond Award.

We advise against using serif fonts when custom etching, especially in smaller font sizes. However, the choice is yours! You will always see a proof of your design before your crystal award is etched, to ensure you are satisfied with your award. To see a full list of recommendations, read our blog about the best fonts for etching!

7. Can I etch more than words?

Yes! We offer picture and logo etching as well, to add a creative and more personal touch. To take a picture to the next level, check out our 3D laser engraved crystal awards!

Still have questions? Contact a member of the FineAwards.com team! We are eager to help you find your perfect crystal award or acrylic trophy!