4th Annual FineAwards.com Office Olympics!

Games and competitions go with summer like swimming pools and watermelons.  Our summer would not be complete without the FineAwards.com Office Olympics.   This year marked our 4th Annual Office Olympics and it, by far, was the most successful.


The opening ceremony took place sharply at 11:00am with the Olympic Theme Song playing loudly. The office torch was presented and the two teams were announced.  The teams of seven each, appropriately named Team Etching vs. Team Engraving quickly took their sides.


Team Etching was made up of Albert Rodriguez, Ernie Martinez, Joan Malave, Laurie Dunshee, Marco Mora, Robert Taylor, and Yoremi Campos.  Team Engraving was made up of Barbara Rodriguez, Heather Holmes, Mike Fuller, Nicole VanDerZweep, Phil Joseph, Seth Fine, and Shawn Taylor. 


The first event was Cornhole.  Each team player took four tosses to obtain points for their team.  Team Engraving triumphed over Team Etching 12 to 10.


The second event was Putt Putt.  Each team player had 2 putts to try and put the ball in the hole.  Seth went 2 for 2, but it wasn’t enough to help his team to victory!  Team Etching ended the round with 3 in the hole.


The third event was Table Tennis. Each team ranked their players by their hand paddle abilities and the event was evenly matched.  Heather and Joan started the rounds.  Heather took the victory putting Team Engraving on the score board first.  Team Engraving took a second win with Phil dominating the table against Robert.  Yoremi played Shawn and put a W on the board for Team Etching. But, Mike wouldn’t allow Laurie to take the win, putting Team Engraving up 3 to 1.  Ernie and Marco brought it two more W’s for Team Etching bringing the score to an even 3 – 3 with one more round to go.  Seth took his paddle with confidence playing Albert in the final, but it just wasn’t enough against the newest member of the FineAwards.com family! Team Etching took the third event 4 – 3.


The fourth event was Basketball.  Each team player took three shots from the foul line and the team with the most points would take the victory.  With thunder rolling and lighting striking, each player quickly took their shots.  Team Engraving ended on top 6 – 5 evening the match at 2 events a piece.


Ahead of schedule, a lunch break of healthy bean dip with all the fixings was much needed by everyone.


With belly’s full and an even 2-2 score going into the final event, and an Office Olympic first, we got ready for the full team relay race.  The race had 6 legs…


1) Toss a bean bag in the hole

2) Push a member of the team in a chair to a specified target

3) Presentation Box Construction – create one box of each size and stack from largest to smallest

4) Rubber Band Archery – knocking down two cups

5) Packaging Box Mummy – tape the entire box, no cardboard showing

6) Toss the tape roll in the bucket – first two rolls in wins.


With teams clapping, chanting and sweating this relay really brought the team together with smiles, laughter and cheering! Each player showed their strengths along the course.  Team Engraving took the victory to become the 2014 Office Olympics Champs!  In this office the best prize is the one full year of bragging rights. 

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