The Vince Lombardi Football Trophy: It’s History on the Gridiron

Vince Lombardi Super Bowl Trophy
The Big Game Trophy: More than just your average Football Trophy! The big is right around the corner and the world of football is gearing up to see the dual between San Francisco and Kansas City in Florida’s own Hard Rock Stadium. The team who comes out victorious from this duel will be the proud recipient of the Vince Lombardi  Trophy and crowned champs of the Big Game. This football trophy stands at 22 inches in height. A long stand takes up most of the trophy’s body;...
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5 Tips for Retaining Blue-Collar Workers in 2020

It’s difficult for business owners to find talented and reliable workers in today’s job market. When you do find hard-working dependable staff members, you want to make sure you’re doing everything in your power to keep them on board, preventing the high turnover rates common within the industry. There are many effective tips that help retain hard-working employees and keep them happy while working with your company. The following are just a few tips that have worked for e...
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What’s The Difference Between Crystal and Glass?

Awards are an integral prize an employee can receive on behalf of their employer; it inspires them to keep up the good work and it shows that their contribution is noticed and appreciated. This is one of the most effective methods of employee retention an employer can do. Speaking of the awards; so many of them are made from different materials that it can be hard to know the difference between them or at least which is best, in particular, glass or crystal. In this case, ...
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