How to Motivate Employees and Earn Their Respect

Employees giving the thumbs up to leadership
Leadership comes in many different forms. In a business setting, typically managers and supervisors are looked at to be leaders for their employees. For true leaders, motivating employees and staff is an important part of success and positive moral in the workplace. However, depending on the industry, it can be difficult to keep your staff motivated and excited about working. (more…)
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Forever Customer Visit: Red Lobster

It was a huge treat to visit our client's brand new headquarters on Tuesday. Red Lobster recently separated from parent company Darden Group and they wasted no time creating their own space that is both impressive and incredibly well designed down to the very last detail. From the nautical colors and flags to the layout that encourages interdepartmental communication to the replica restaurant/kitchen for training, it truly is an office of the future well fit for a company pre...
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