How to Motivate Employees and Earn Their Respect

Employees giving the thumbs up to leadership
Leadership comes in many different forms. In a business setting, typically managers and supervisors are looked at to be leaders for their employees. For true leaders, motivating employees and staff is an important part of success and positive moral in the workplace. However, depending on the industry, it can be difficult to keep your staff motivated and excited about working. (more…)

Forever Customer Visit: Red Lobster

It was a huge treat to visit our client's brand new headquarters on Tuesday. Red Lobster recently separated from parent company Darden Group and they wasted no time creating their own space that is both impressive and incredibly well designed down to the very last detail. From the nautical colors and flags to the layout that encourages interdepartmental communication to the replica restaurant/kitchen for training, it truly is an office of the future well fit for a company pre...

Team Takes on the Spartan Challenge

Team accepted the Spartan Miami Sprint Challenge. CEO Seth Fine and Senior Director of Internet Marketing Jeff Klein finished the full course together providing each other help, support and motivation along the way.  Thousands showed up in the pouring rain to brave the elements which included 4.97 miles of hilly terrain, 24 obstacles and a course that was flooded and muddy.  In the end it felt great to finish together.  If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t ch...

What Every Boss Ought To Know About Employee Recognition

Happy employee
If you’re an employer, you might think employee recognition is not necessary. After all, your employees are being compensated for their time and work, so why should you go the extra mile to recognize them? Human motivation isn’t so cut and dry. Most people have the innate drive to feel like they matter, that what they do has meaning and they’re contributing to what they belong to, whether it is family, church, organization, or society at large. For your employees, recog...

And the Winners of the GridIron Grill-Off Are?

grid iron grill off
On November 14th, the Gridiron Grill-Off Food and Wine Festival took place at the Pompano Beach Amphitheatre. Celebrity Chef’s from Florida’s finest restaurants teamed up with Miami Dolphins legends to compete for top honors. Winners were decided by fan voting as they walked around sampling food and drinks. 100% of the proceeds from this fantastic event went to benefit Offerdahl’s Hand-Off Foundation and its mission to “Feed the Needs of Kids in Crisis”. Contributions pro...

Company Baby Shower for Yoremi

Yoremi baby shower
We recently celebrated a very special occasion for one of our most beloved employees. Yoremi Campos is expecting a baby soon, so with the help of several staff members we organized a baby shower for her. The team enjoyed delicious food and drinks finished off with cake. Yoremi opened up all her presents and was thrilled with all the gifts for her newborn. You can never have too many diapers. She also received a nice gift certificate from the staff to help with her needs on...

4 Ways To Keep Your Employees Happy

Happy smiling business woman, over white
Employee retention is a tricky thing. Average employees now leave after 3.8 years and are expected to cycle through jobs more often than the previous generation. So why bother trying to retain them at all? Perhaps another way of looking at it is to know why they leave in first place. The often-stated reasons are not enough pay, not enough recognition, not enough connection to the big picture, and not getting along with management. From here, you can engineer your compan...

Taking Recognition Awards to the Next Level

Isolated on white row of clapping hands
Employees thrive on recognition. When companies show their employees appreciation for exceptional work, employee satisfaction and retention increase. If an employee does decide to leave, they will likely do so with positive feelings about the company they worked for. An employee retention strategy is important for attracting and keeping top talent. While a certain level of attrition is expected, recognizing employee performance will bode well for companies. There’s a reaso...
More Halloween Extravaganza

Ghouls, Goblins, Super Heroes and Villains all were in attendance at our annual Halloween Bash. A potluck of food was assembled with everything from Haitian Rice to Baked Ziti and even some BBQ spare ribs. Zombies gorged on salad, halloweenies, and egg casserole. We had a surprise visit from Barbara Rodriguez. Barbie was our Sales Director and helped lead Team into a new era of outside sales. Barbara has been fighting a battle with ALS and ha...

John Offerdahl’s 2015 Gridiron Grill-Off Bottle Signing

Offerdahl Bottle Signing was proud to have John Offerdahl back in our office this morning to autograph the wine bottles for the VIP gifts we are sponsoring for the 6th Annual Gridiron Grill-Off Food & Wine Festival. John is one of our favorite Miami Dolphin alumni. His magnetic personality and warm heart make him the perfect sports celebrity but what we find most impressive is that he is not just the big name behind the event. John is passionately involved in every aspect of the Gr...